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3 Mistakes People Make During the Holidays!

Avoid these mistakes and end the year strong.

What’s making you fatigued & feeling stuck

How being self confident is easier than you think (and how you can worry way less)!

Why where you are now in relation to your dream life doesn’t matter one bit.

1. Start Taking Action

2. Stop Procrastinating

3. Be More. Do More.

  • You stay stuck in the comfort zone.

  • You're afraid to take risks and bet on yourself.

  • Your career stalls and you feel like a failure

And it leaves you feeling frustrated and you punish yourself.

Make no mistake, you’re worth way more than you think. Join this class to get a plan to gain back your confidence.

Not Feeling confident in yourself can make life hard.

Your lack of confidence is holding you back and it's costing you...

What Do You Get With This Live Class?

  • Point 1

  • Point 3

  • Point 2

  • BONUS:

Start the process of rediscovering and embracing their true self.

You're New 30-Day Plan To Find Out Who You Really Are.

1. Step one on what to do.

2. Step one on what to do.

3. Step one on what to do.

I've been caught in self-sabotaging habits before, but I have discovered a way to break free from them once and for all.  

That's why I crafted a proven framework, to be revealed in the Self-Confidence Masterclass. This method guides you to develop resilience during challenging times. It clarifies your path, fosters self-belief, and empowers you to feel successful.

With My Proven Framework, You'll Overcome Your Self-Sabotage Habits

3 Mistakes People Make During the Holidays!

Dec 22 10:00 am

Live Class

3 Mistakes People Make During the Holidays!

Dec 22 10:00 am

Live Class


  • WIth Zoom you can join using your browser.

  • Every class will give you more insight on how to live a better life. The first part of the call will be a lesson followed up with an action step for you to implement in your life. 

  • At Doug Dane Coaching, we value live, real-time learning. We don't provide class recordings because we believe direct interaction enhances the learning experience. However, selected live class content will be available on the Doug Dane Coaching YouTube Channel for those who miss sessions or want to review.


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