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Doug Dane is a cognitive authority on getting results! Doug has been a motivating and entertaining keynote speaker for over 20 years, speaking to both large and small corporations internationally. His story of “Abuse to Abundance” will move anyone to empower themselves and achieve results.

Doug doesn’t just talk the talk, he is living proof that anything is possible. His unique perspective on what it takes to change your results is absolutely essential in getting the results you want. Whether it’s personal or corporate, Doug will motivate your group.

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Self-Image, Mistaken Identity

3 Questions To Discover Your Mistaken Identity!

Answer the questions in this ebook & get an understanding of what's holding you back from achieving more and doing more in your life.


Boost Your Confidence Challenge

Boosting Your Confidence Is Simpler Than You Think!
Join this challenge for the next 7 days and you'll receive one simple action step to take each day to reset your confidence.


Breaking the Habit of Being Stuck.

Learn key habits for lasting change and staying on track, even when motivation fades.

Mistaken Identity

Mistaken Identity Book Preview: Chapter 1 and Doug's Story

Get an Introduction to Doug Dane and His Story With a Bonus of Chapter 1: Stop Judging.

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