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Why Does Your brain always overcomplicate things?

Occam's Razor

Ever come across Occam's Razor? Simply put, it means the simplest answer is usually the right one. Guess what? It's true! We often complicate things, tangled up in false beliefs and attitudes about ourselves. But here's the deal - life isn't some complex maze you imagine. It's our mistaken identity making it seem so.

How To Make Things Simple

Our intuition, and our gut feelings, often present us with simple, straightforward solutions. But these man-made rules, the ones we've been conned into following, cloud our judgment and make things seem complicated. Remember, life is simple. It's us who complicate it. We're all capable of more than we give ourselves credit for. We just need to trust our instincts more and take action based on our gut feeling. It's okay to make mistakes. They're just stepping stones that lead you onto the right path. Trust your intuition. Keep it simple. And remember, you deserve better.

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