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Where Does Lack of Confidence Come From? And How Does It Relate to Judgement and Past Mistreatment?

Today, let's talk about something important—those glass jars we let ourselves live in (our confidence), all because of judgement and past mistreatment.

We Limit Ourselves Much Like a Pumpkin in a Jar

We do this to ourselves because of something I call the 'Pumpkin in a Jar'. Much like that pumpkin growing to fit its glass jar, we shape ourselves based on others' judgments. From a young age, we're told what's right, what's wrong, and who we should be. That's where we lose our confidence—right when we start thinking we're not good enough.

Pumpkin in a jar analogy
Imagine pumpkin's in these jars. Haha.

Take a cue from Arnold Schwarzenegger. He's a man who knows every one of his kids is unique. They aren't stuck in a jar, trying to be like one another. Each of them is their own person. So, let's stop pigeonholing ourselves, folks!

Remember, it's not just about the judgement from others. The real challenge is stopping that voice in our head that tells us we're not meeting up to the mark. But we can change that! I've got good news: We can unlearn to judge ourselves. And guess what? Your confidence will start to shine through once again when you stop judging yourself.

Reclaim Your Confidence and Unleash Your True Self

Let's get this straight—judgement's everywhere. It's hurting your potential, creativity, and, most importantly, how you see yourself. It's hard to feel confident when you're constantly judging yourself, isn't it? But here's what I believe: If we stop judging others, we'll stop judging ourselves too. Break that habit, and you'll see a world of change in yourself. Start looking for the good in people—make it a habit—and you'll be less likely to judge yourself too.

We were all born free, full of love, and without judgement. Then we started to learn to judge, and that's when our confidence took a hit. Let's reclaim that confidence by kicking judgement to the curb. My book, "Mistaken Identity," can guide you through this. Once you stop trying to fix yourself based on others' judgements, you'll find your true self. Your confidence will soar, and everything else in your life will get better.

So folks, it's time to stop judging. Grab a copy of "Mistaken Identity," read the chapter on judgement, take that step to break free from your glass jar. It'll change your life, I promise. Thank you, and remember—keep being you!

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