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Overcoming Procrastination: Why Saying "I'm Doing It" Beats "I'm Working On It"

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Saying "I'm Doing It" – A Step Towards Self-Improvement

In the quest for self-improvement, we often use phrases that subtly undermine our progress. One such phrase is, "I'm working on it." While it may seem harmless, this phrase can serve as a mask for procrastination and deferred responsibility.

The Hidden Meaning Behind "I'm Working On It"

When you utter, "I'm working on it," you indirectly shift the responsibility of action to your future self. This not only chips away at your self-confidence but also suggests a need for 'working on' yourself, which isn't the case.

Embracing Decisiveness – Saying "I'm Doing It

Reject the phrase "I'm working on it," and replace it with a more assertive, "I'm doing it." This shift in language encourages immediate action rather than a vague promise to your future self.

Breaking Away From Your Mistaken Identity

Your mistaken identity, as explored in my book "Mistaken Identity," can trap you in old patterns and beliefs. By asserting "I'm doing it," you reject these mistaken beliefs, paving the way for meaningful change and bolstering self-confidence.


It's time to abandon the phrase "I'm working on it," and embrace a more proactive approach. Start making decisions, however small, and feel the transformative impact on your self-confidence and life progress.

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