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RESET: 30 Days To Get Unstuck and Boost Your Confidence.

This is for you if...

  1. You Experience Signs of Difficult Experiences: This is for you if you notice past difficulties affecting your daily life and relationships, and you need someone who understands these impacts without making a clinical diagnosis.

  2. You Seek Clear Goals: This is for you if you find it challenging to envision or set achievable goals for your future. Our guidance can help you define and reach these objectives effectively.

  3. You Need a Safe Space: This is for you if you're looking for a secure and comfortable environment to explore how your past experiences influence your current behavior. Establishing this trust is essential and we are committed to taking the time to build it with you.

  4. You Want to Learn Coping Skills: This is for you if you need strategies to manage symptoms of past difficulties and daily challenges more healthily. We can teach you coping techniques that make handling life’s difficulties more manageable.

  5. You Aim for a New Life: This is for you if you're ready to learn resilience and build positive relationships to forge a fulfilling life beyond past difficulties. We offer the tools and knowledge necessary for your journey towards recovery and growth.

RESET - 30 Days to Get Unstuck and Boost Your Confidence

4 expert-led lesson review calls

Learn twice a month from Doug Dane, a top expert in self-image.

Free Mistaken Identity e-book and RESET workbook.

A personal 1:1 Reset session with Doug


Join RESET and take 30 days to get unstuck and boost your confidence

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