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Learn timeless self-help principles in self-image, career and relationships, through exclusive broadcasts and on-demand replays.

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Self-help doesn't seem to work and it's frustrating.

Especially when:

1. There's so many books out there and it's noisy online.

2. You're left feeling your lack of success is your fault.

3. Thinking positively isn't enough.

You're smart and you know how life works. But making the changes you want shouldn't be this hard.

You want simple steps to follow that will make a difference. Get expert mentoring you need to feel confident you’re getting it right.

Gain Clarity.

Become More Confident.

Feel Certain About Your Success.

- Live broadcasts and Free Replays.
- Expert Mentoring and Guidance.
- Open Q&A for Better Self-Help.

Gain clarity on what's got you off track and become more confident to pursue your goals so you feel more certain about your success.

Expert Mentoring and Guidance.

Receive expert guidance from Doug Dane to help you create the change you want in life.

Q&A for Better Self-Help.

For you to make a change, you need answers that fit your life. Ask Doug your questions and get personal answers to make the change you're looking for.

Self-Help Made Better Gives You The Tools You Need To Make The Change You're Looking For.

You're not where you want to be because you see yourself with a mistaken perspective. We must question this view to help you change.

Then, you'll find more chances for money and happiness in your relationships.

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Your Next Step To Make A Change In Your Life

We get it, you might be thinking is this just more of the same?

The story is always the same. Someone gets into self-help and spends thousands of dollars trying to get ahead and make a change in their life. But, they got burned by empty promises and advice that didn't fit their needs. At Doug Dane Coaching we understand the real problem. Your Mistaken Identity is what gets in the way of your self-help turning into tangible results. With the book and Doug's expert guidance, we get to the bottom of your problems. Self-Help Made Better has simple advice you can trust.

"If you want to change the way you look at yourself, be more at peace with yourself and become your own best friend, then this is really the program for you."


"Doug is gives you the F1 of personal development."


Learn timeless self-help principles in self-image, career and relationships, through exclusive broadcasts and on-demand replays.

Most people don't realize that their mistaken identity (self-image) is the single thing holding them back.

At one point or another, you might have thought that all this self-help content is just surface-level. You need something that goes deeper. That's where Self-Help Made Better comes in. All the content we create here is meant to drive home what's going on that keeps you stuck. Keeping you in self-doubt and confusion. We find that most people have a mistaken identity. It came from their upbringing and how they were treated as a kid. You started to doubt yourself and judge yourself and it's been working against you ever since. Now I'm here to guide you back to who you were before life passed you by. You'll feel confident to go after what you want in life. Mistaken Identity is the key to fixing this and in these live classes, we'll show you how to make the change you're looking for.

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