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Doug Dane's Bestseller 'Mistaken Identity' Hits Swedish Bookshelves

I am thrilled to announce the Swedish release of my book, Mistaken Identity: A Guide to Letting Go of a Past That Holds You Back. It's been a dream of mine to share the message in this book worldwide. Our collaboration with Framgångsförlaget and their Publishing Director, Eva Louise Landgren, has been instrumental in bringing this life-changing book to the Swedish market.  - Doug Dane
Mistaken Identity book cover in Swedish.

Today it's now available for purchase at major Swedish retailers:

Swedish Retailers:

English Retailers:

Why Framgångsförlaget Was Interested in Publishing 'Mistaken Identity' in Swedish

From day one, 'Mistaken Identity' has had fans eager to help spread Doug Dane's message in any way they can. Whether it’s by sharing a free sample of the PDF version, purchasing the hardcover copy, or encouraging others to join our coaching programs—'45 Days to an Upgraded Life' or 'RESET: 30 Days to Get Unstuck and Boost Your Confidence'—the enthusiasm is overwhelming!!! But For Eva, the head publisher at Framgångsförlaget, the impact was immediate and profound. After hearing Doug speak online and reading 'Mistaken Identity,' she instantly knew this was a book that needed to be published worldwide. Haha! Eva and her team took it to a whole new level! We love them!

Eva Holding Mistaken Identity
Eva Holding Mistaken Identity

"Most people share the book, but Eva was a reader who became such a big fan she wanted to publish 'Mistaken Identity' for Swedish-speaking people." ~ Doug Dane

Six months later, after numerous translation sessions to ensure a quality interpretation of the original English version, Mistaken Identity was sent to the publishing house for printing.

Scandbook book publisher
Scandbook book publisher

Eva's car full of Mistaken Identity books.
Eva's car full of Mistaken Identity books.

The First Sale of 'Mistaken Identity' in Swedish!

In the heart of Stockholm, Sweden, at the Söder Health Fair, Eva and her team set up one of their tables with a dream. Their goal was not only to sell 'Mistaken Identity' by Doug Dane and 'My Father Knew the Secret' by Brian Proctor but also to establish Framgångsförlaget as a notable name in the publishing world. Which they succeed!

Eva selling Mistaken Identity and My Father Knew The Secret in Stockholm, Sweden, at the Söder Health Fair

Stockholm, Sweden, at the Söder Health Fair

Why Mistaken Identity Is Going Around the World

When Doug wrote this book, he aimed to include everything that helped him transform from an exhausted, frustrated leader, who felt stuck in a loop, to a thriving leader with a healthy mindset. He wanted to provide readers with practical tools and techniques to:

Discover Their True Identity: Many individuals struggle with their sense of self due to adverse experiences in their childhood. Doug emphasizes the importance of learning to be yourself, loving yourself, and trusting yourself to excel in all aspects of life.

Break Free from the Past: Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) can leave deep scars that keep people trapped in the past. Doug urges readers to stop living in the past and to stop worrying excessively about the future. Healing from ACEs involves addressing and processing these experiences to move forward.

There is a Cure: Traditional self-help methods often fail because they only provide temporary relief. Doug's approach offers deeper healing by addressing the root causes of one’s struggles, many of which stem from early life adversities. His methods help readers not just cope with their problems but eradicate the underlying causes.

Breakthrough with this Book: Instead of waiting for the next breakdown, Doug encourages proactive steps towards healing. His book and programs are designed to help people who've had a challenging past achieve breakthroughs by understanding and overcoming the lingering effects of their ACEs.

Get Your Copy of "Mistaken Identity" Today

Swedish Retailers:

English Retailers:

Join us in celebrating the launch of this transformative book and take the next step towards a brighter future. For more information and updates, visit Framgångsförlaget and stay connected with us.

If you've bought a copy of Mistaken Identity in Swedish or English, please send us a message at and we will send you a complimentary workbook to use with the book!

Thank you!

Doug Dane Coaching Team

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