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I'm on a mission to guide people towards letting go of their mistaken identity, discovering their true selves, and living a more fulfilling life.

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What readers are saying about the book

"Doug's book, Mistaken Identity, is a true gem for anyone seeking personal growth and self-discovery. His authenticity and vulnerability in sharing his own journey is not only relatable but also inspiring. He expertly breaks down the principles of self-improvement into clear and actionable steps, making it easy to apply them in your own life. His approach of helping readers understand how to become "unstuck" is not only simple, but also powerful and effective. If you're ready to experience true freedom and become the best version of yourself, I highly recommend reading this book and following the steps to make it happen."

Cal Wigston

Head coach of men's volleyball at the University of Guelph

Doug's guidance through the powerful questions of "What if?" and "Why not?" will change the way you think about your inner story. His unique perspective encourages you to push past your current limitations and imagine the limitless possibilities for your life. In reading Mistaken Identity, you will discover the answers to these questions and unlock a new level of self-awareness and fulfillment. Don't miss this transformative opportunity to live a life that truly reflects your soul.

Janna Dutton

Entrepreneur and bestselling author of "Conversations Over Coffee"

It takes courage to share your story and that's exactly what Doug does in this book. Straight, raw, and to the point. I encourage you, Make A Decision to read this book and do exactly as it says to do. You'll experience freedom and it could potentially save your life like the teachings in this book did for me.

Corey Payne

Mindset Consultant and father

  • You wander aimlessly, engaging in activities that don't align with you.

  • You seek validation from others instead of cultivating self-acceptance.

  • You avoid challenges that push you out of your comfort zone.

  •  You have a lack of motivation or direction.

  • You engage in negative self-talk, focusing on failures rather than accomplishments.

  • You withdraw socially or excessively socialize to avoid confronting internal struggles.

Have you ever considered that your past might be holding you back?

If you’re looking for a real change and looking for true aha moments, this is the course you’ve been waiting for.

It could be true for you if:

Enhance Your Reading with the Mistaken Identity Lessons to Make A Real Change 

Live calls with the author -  30 videos that teach you how to let go of your Mistaken Identity. - An active community of like-minded individuals.

One-time purchase of $79.99

What's Inside the course

  • 30 videos that teach you how to remove your mistaken identity.

  • Step-by-step instructions on how to take action from the book.

  • Downloadable workbook to help you make the transformation.

  • An active community to continue the conversation.

  • Meet the author - Live calls with Doug Dane

With the Mistaken Identity Book Course, you can unlock your full potential. In this course, I'll teach you how to apply practical steps that lead you towards self-discovery and lasting change, allowing you to confidently embrace your authentic self and live a more fulfilling life.

You'll learn how to develop a Powerful Self-Belief System that invites you into a journey where your limitations are overcome. By using the actionable insights provided, you'll create a personalized roadmap that you can follow time and time again to nurture self-confidence, self-assurance, and personal growth. Embark on this transformative journey and uncover the true self that lies within, ready to thrive and conquer life's challenges.

This isn't just another self-help book or course.

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