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Today we will interview, one of our TIR clients and his Thinking into Results journey!

jay whitelaw givesomeWelcome to Jay Whitelaw, the Founder and Executive Director of  Givesome.

Tell us about your business:

Givesome. Give a little. See the good.

Givesome is a movement of ordinary people doing extraordinary things a couple bucks at a time. As individuals we might not have the know-how, the time or the money to make a real difference on our own. But we still want to do something to help.

Givesome lets you tap into that desire we all have to make a difference by overcoming the hurdles of time and money and by showing you the impact you’re making. By joining Givesome you’ll become part of a community of people who make a difference in our world, and get to watch it happen.

Givesome’s mission is simple…Engage givers. Propel charities. Inspire good around the world. We envision a world where everyone gives.We raise money to fund meaningful projects for exceptional charities around the world.
We only ask for a few dollars so that everyone can get involved.
We show donors the impact they have on the people they give to.
We believe that when people experience the impact their dollars have on the lives of others they also benefit from the experience – and are more likely to want to give again.

We are compelled by the incredible potential that a growing number of engaged givers can have on our planet.

Where are you in the TIR program?

Working through Lesson #7 – The Terror Barrier.

What are the biggest changes you are noticing since you started the TIR program?

The TIR program is helping create habits and ways of thinking that are transforming the way I approach everything. The new mindset that I am now forming is changing my approach with people, meetings, presentations, issues, roadblocks, and important decisions. Things that used to stress me no longer have the same power over me. Situations that would normally feel overwhelming are now exciting opportunities. I have more confidence, more conviction, more understanding of who I am and where I want to go. Without learning the material and working through the course when I did I would not have had the drive and confidence to get to where I am going. Doug is a phenomenal leader, a wise sounding board and a caring coach. Our first meeting a few years ago and the material in this course has been monumental for my personal and professional journey.

Share your dreams/goals:

My goal, stated in the present tense, is that Givesome is the global leader in online fundraising through our enhancement of the donation experience AND our impact on the lives of people in need around the world. We aren’t just caring for the recipient, we are changing the hearts of people who give.

givesome  givesome

Thank you Jay!

Keep up the great work!  If you want to learn more about how Thinking into Results program can help you, feel free to cook a free coaching session with Doug or Jacquelyn.

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