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Thinking Into Results With Doug Dane

Most sales professionals spend thousands of dollars on training and never realize that most of their problems can be traced back to a lack of confidence in themselves. They're making mistakes they're not even aware of and its costing them.


Accountablilty partners

Doug Dane and you will always be in touch. For when you need urgent help

Your investment includes everything you need to see the whole in a whole new light. 



On Demand Learning

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1 on 1 Deep Learning Calls

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Then get access to loads of FREE content and tools created from training 2000+ clients! 

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Your investment to unlock all your potential

6 payments of 

$1995 USD

Total of $11,970

4 payments of

$2795 USD

Total of $11,180

1 payment

$9995 USD

Paid in Full

Money-back guarantee of 14 days, no questions asked

What people are saying about
Doug Dane and Thinking Into Results

I owe a lot to Doug. he gave me the confidence to hire somebody. At the time I was at seventy or eighty thousand and we're on target to hit over half a million in sales this year


I love how you are always available to support others and impart your knowledge. My biggest win is making decisions. I have decided what I want and I am going for it.  

Thank you, Doug!


"Life-changing. I wouldn't have

never dreamt that I would walk into the office of a CEO of a multi-billion dollar company and not be terrified "


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