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Rewatch the Livestream 'How to Handle Objections and Love Them!' 

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Become the salesperson everyone is talking about! 

A 14-week system designed to help sales professionals feel more confident.

Thinking Into Results for Sales Leaders will change your mindset on selling forever.

 Increase your sales


Handle Objections Easily


Become a lead magnet


Life in sales can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be.

Uncover the secret of successful selling.

Most salespeople struggle with focus, discipline and organization, but that’s not the root cause of your problems in sales.


Doug Dane understands what it’s like to lose deals, and not know why. It’s why he’s helped thousands of sales professionals increase their sales using Thinking Into Results for Sales Leaders.

Fix the problems most salespeople don’t know they have.

Most sales professionals spend thousands of dollars per year on training and never realize that most of their problems can be traced back to a lack of confidence in themselves. 


Doug will teach you how to use 12-principles to increase your confidence, and leave every sales conversation feeling like a million bucks.

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Uncover what’s stopping you from selling more.

Doug will tell you how he used Thinking Into Results many years ago, to go from bankruptcy to earning 6 figures in the first year after just changing his mindset. 


This 14-week course will change your mindset on selling, forever.


If you’ve ever lost a deal, and not known why, or tanked on a sales presentation, this is for you.

Get a step by step plan to skyrocket your sales.  

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Become A Top Producer

When you start Thinking Into Results, you’ll close your Knowing/Doing gap for good. You know what you should be doing, but you’re not doing it. You’ll become focused and disciplined and you’ll be the top producer everyone’s talking about.


Become More Confident

You’ll become a confident, action taker through a proven system that will have you achieving goals you’ve only dreamed of until now. Step by step over 14 weeks your confidence grows and your sales do too.


Attract More Leads

You’ll become a lead machine and attract high quality clients almost effortlessly. People want to deal with people they like and trust and when you’re more confident, you become a magnet and leads keep coming your way. 


"Life’s too short to worry about your next sale!"

“I went from poverty to abundance & freedom in sales. I’ve got over 30 years of experience selling and teaching salespeople how to sell more. I used a proven, simple step-by-step formula that anyone can follow to become a top salesperson.”

- Doug Dane

  • Close your Knowing/Doing gap 

  • Understand once and for all what’s holding you back 

  • Become a top producer everyone’s talking about

What people are saying about
Doug Dane and Thinking Into Results

I owe a lot to Doug. he gave me the confidence to hire somebody. At the time I was at seventy or eighty thousand and we're on target to hit over half a million in sales this year


I love how you are always available to support others and impart your knowledge. My biggest win is making decisions. I have decided what I want and I am going for it.  

Thank you, Doug!


"Life-changing. I wouldn't have

never dreamt that I would walk into the office of a CEO of a multi-billion dollar company and not be terrified "


Stop Losing Sales and Start Closing More Clients.

Doug Dane knows you want to be the sales person everyone is talking about. 


In order to do that you need to be a top producer. The problem is, you’re lacking self-confidence, and you're losing deals because your clients are noticing. 


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Watch Now

The Secret to Handling Objections is Understanding Them 

This FREE Livestream will explain the basis for all objections. So you can become more confident with objections and become the top salesperson everyone’s talking about. 

Doug Dane works directly with Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher as Proctor Gallagher Institute’s International Sales Director

Bob Proctor

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Sandy Gallagher

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Tell me what you want, and I’ll show you how to get it.

For more than 50 years, Bob Proctor has been making good on that extraordinary promise — empowering millions of people around the world with knowledge and tools to clarify their most compelling goals, tap their inherent greatness, and fulfill their magnificent potential. One of the living masters of The Law of Attraction and a contributor to The Secret, Bob’s own story of rags-to-riches success via the power of thought is an ongoing testament to the effectiveness of his teachings.


When Bob met legendary corporate attorney and esteemed executive consultant Sandy Gallagher, he knew he had discovered the perfect partner to bring forth something truly groundbreaking in the arena of personal and professional development. Combining his formidable research and experience with her 25 years of expertise in the worlds of billion-dollar business transactions and elite academia, Bob and Sandy have, in Thinking into Results, created a comprehensive systematic approach to real transformation unlike any other.

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