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What Is Your Self-Image? 
What Do You See When You Look In The Mirror?

What you see when you look in the mirror is not the real you. It’s just a reflection of your physical being.

While your physical body and appearance are important, it’s the self-image that’s locked in your subconscious mind that really counts. For this is the image that determines your success or failure in life.

The real you is perfect, boundless, and is always looking for ways to expand, the self-image in your mind is based on false and limited information that sets the boundaries for every area of your life.

If you see yourself as shy, not good enough, or unlovable, you will feel and act accordingly. And that will create results in your outer world that reflect the image you have in your mind.

Do you want to change your self-image?

Step outside your self-image “box”
Until we create a new self-image, we will continue to be stuck in the same situations.

We will put weight on, take it off, and then put it back on.

We will get into a loving relationship, sabotage it, end the relationship, and then do it all over again.

We’ll start earning more money, then stop doing the new thing we are doing, and go back to earning the amount we’ve always earned.

“Your self-image is in control of you. Change your image, change your life!”
– Doug Dane

Why do people live this way?

We live that way because we don’t know any different. We think it’s normal to stay in our lane and blend in with the crowd.

And that’s rather sad because we should live the way we really want to live. But to do that, we have got to understand this concept of self-image.

We must learn to keep our mind on a higher image rather than a lower concern. Is not always an easy thing to do, but it sure pays great dividends for the person who develops the mental strength to do it.

When you change how you see yourself in your conscious mind and plant the idea in your subconscious mind, it changes your vibration. Then, the condition and circumstances in your life automatically change.

Build the image you really want now and develop the mental strength to hold it.

Just discipline yourself to do it. This is your life. Make it a phenomenal experience.

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If you want to Be More, Do More, Have More … you’re not alone.

Doug Dane can help! As a personal coach, Doug has helped hundreds of individuals worldwide to succeed in hitting their targeted goals and achieving their best life.

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Doug has spent over 25 years mentoring and coaching people to improve their results. He is a successful entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and has a remarkable story! As a direct protege of Bob Proctor, he is on a mission to help you uncover and unlock your infinite potential!

Successful people dislike the same things you do, but they do them anyway. They get up early. They make sure they’re in front of a prospect every morning at 9:00 a.m. They practice or study while others are watching TV.

Here are three things you can do to get started:

  1. Realize that if you want something different in life, you’re going to have to do things differently. Then, command yourself to do what you know has to be done.

  2. Begin scheduling your day—from the time you get up until the time you go to bed. If you have a schedule, you’re more apt to do more of the things you really need to do to get where you want to go.

  3. Hold the image of being successful at what you want to do. Envision a complete shift. And proceed to let that vision unfold every day. It won’t be easy at first; however, you’ll get stronger and stronger. And then you’ll be able to do what you want, instead of just what you think you can do.

Book your call today with Doug Dane to have him show you how to change your world.

For more inspirational teachings check out some of Bob Proctor’s other videos.

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