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An Unconventional Formula

For Career Success - A 3-part workshop for pivoting your career. 

Sept 22nd, 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM EDT

An online event that will teach you a simple, proven framework to overcome self-sabotaging habits that ruin your confidence.

Doug Dane, explains the mistakes we make trying to get ahead in life and our careers and how to avoid them.

1. Improve Your Self-Worth

2. Boost Your Confidence

3. Rise in your career.

  • Avoid The Mistakes That Keep You Down. When you change the way you see yourself, you change the way you live and work.

  • Handy, Effective Tools: Together, we'll craft a toolbox for your success journey.

  • Addressing the Real Issue: We will address your mistaken identity and how to get rid of if so you can do better in your career.

I've been where you are, faced those challenges, and found a unique formula through my journey.

Now, I'm dedicated to helping you excel in your career.

Join me on September 22nd, 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM, and let's transform your career together.

How much more would you be earning if you believed in yourself?

The only problem you have is how you see yourself and feel about yourself. 

The root of the issue? Most people have a mistaken view of themselves and they sell themselves short not really working or earning to their full potential.

In this 3 part workshop, I'll guide you to:

Many people unknowingly suffer from a "mistaken identity," leading them astray in their careers. This self-misunderstanding doesn't just affect our personal lives; it directly hampers our professional progress.


When we're unclear about who we truly are, our job performance suffers, opportunities are missed, and potential remains untapped.


This workshop offers a fresh, unconventional approach to confront and rectify this identity crisis. Join us to ensure your true self aligns with your career aspirations.

How Mistaken Identity Causes You do poorly in your job.

Your Path to Career Success:

Step 1: Register For Workshop 

September 22nd 10:00 AM  - 1:00 PM

Step 2

Shift the Perspective: Rewrite Your Career Story

Step 3: Charge Ahead Start to earn what you're worth.

The Workshop/Class Overview

  • Common Career Mistakes

    • Explore typical misconceptions that derail career paths.

    • Uncover the deep-seated reasons behind these errors.

  • Interactive Q&A and Discussions

    • Unveil a simpler approach to personal growth.

    • Delve into overlooked success strategies.

  • The Unconventional Approach

    • A simple, timeless approach to career confidence.

    • Collaborative problem-solving and experience sharing.

  • Wrap Up & Next Steps

    • Actionable takeaways for immediate impact.

    • Learn about opportunities for continued growth.


Q: Will there be a replay of the event?

A. The event replay will be available for 7 days inside my membership platform. Sign up for free here

Q: How long's our session?

A: We'll be together for about 3 hours. Stick around for the Q&A!

Q: Can't stretch for the full price?

A: Don't sweat it. Whatever you can manage, we'll make it work.

Q: Been down the self-help road before?

A: Perfect! I promise a fresh perspective, even if you're a self-help aficionado.

Q: What if I have a question that you haven’t covered?

No problem! Let’s chat — send us an email at

Break the generational cycle for parents

By breaking patterns of negative behavior or trauma that may have been passed down from previous generations, you can help your family thrive. Don't let the past define your family's future. Take control and start building a brighter tomorrow for your loved ones today.

Help young people take the path less traveled

My vision is to empower each and every young person to confidently chart their own course, discover their passions and reach their full potential. 

Change the message of self-help industry influencers

Changing the message of self-help industry influencers can help to promote a more inclusive, accurate and ethical message that encourages individuals to understand themselves better, set realistic goals and achieve them in a healthy and sustainable way. 

Are you struggling to find meaning, purpose, and self-acceptance?

Traditional mental health care and self-help often fails to address the immediate and practical needs of individuals dealing with real-world struggles.

My mission is to empower individuals who have been impacted by abuse or trauma to break free from the emotional prison and mental health constraints that hold them back. I strive to provide them with the tools and guidance to rewrite their story, overcome their past, and live a truly fulfilling life. As an advocate for survivors, my goal is to help them let go of their past traumas and move forward as a victor, rather than a victim.

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