Can you believe we are already on the homestretch of 2016?

That got me thinking about my goals, and I thought you might be thinking about yours too.

So, just for a minute, I’d like you to think back to New Year’s this past year… If you’re like me, you had BIG hopes and aspirations for this year. You had an excitement brewing in your body and all kinds of ideas buzzing in your mind – you were excited and hopeful!

Let me ask you …

  • Did you conquer that diet?
  • Are you making more money?
  • Did you get that new car? … Or the new house you wanted?
  • Have your relationships significantly improved?

Well, if you’re like 97% of the population your answer to the above questions will be “no”.

But you don’t have to be in the 97%, you CAN be in the 3%.

But how? Let me share how you can do this…

Every year around this time we start thinking about “doing” things differently.

Most of us are confronted with the same challenge every day. We are doing things we don’t want to do, getting results we don’t want to get and for some strange reason we continue to do them anyway.

You know you could be doing better, you know there are things you should be doing, but you’re not doing them. There is a gap between what you know and what you’re doing, we call that the Knowing-Doing Gap.

You’ll be surprised what’s causing you to continually do things that produce results you don’t want. We talk about how to overcome these challenges and see more success at the local seminars we offer, feel free to come to one of the upcoming ones to learn more. They are free to attend, simply register your seat here.

The cause of our problem lies in PARADIGMS. If you are not familiar with the word, don’t feel bad about it. The person at the next desk or the person that lives next door probably isn’t either. However, as you start to understand the word, paradigm, your whole life will begin to change.what is a paradigm


Changing a paradigm would be similar to changing the program on your thermostat in your home. Your thermostat may be programmed at 70 degrees and if it starts to heat up in the room the thermostat sends a message to the air conditioner and the room cools down. Your paradigm works the same way. You try to turn up the heat on your results and automatically your paradigm causes you to cool down.

Are you ever puzzled when you see a person of average intelligence producing extraordinary results? Here’s where you can solve the puzzle. That individual has either consciously or unconsciously changed the paradigm which enabled them to produce the results you are observing. When you clearly understand this, you have an awareness of how the paradigm functions, then you can start taking control of the results you are getting and go after the goals that you want and close the Knowing-Doing Gap.

Here’s some key points to consider:

  • There’s a huge difference between what most people know and what they do. Today we live in a world that really isn’t very interested in what you know. In fact, the only people that are being recognized today are the ones who can do things, who get the job done.
  • At times we do things we don’t want to do, get results we don’t want, but do it anyway. This is because the paradigm controls our actions or behaviours.
  • For a person to experience permanent change in their personal and professional life, there must be a change in the primary cause of their results. You must change your paradigm.
  • A common error is trying to change results by changing behaviour. When this happens, the change is generally temporary. Although behaviour causes results, it is a secondary cause. The primary cause is the paradigm.
  • Knowing is not enough to get results. Results come from behaviour, and behaviour is caused by the paradigm. The results tell an interesting story, they tell the true story of how the person is programmed.
  • When you understand paradigms it will become obvious that high achievers are not successful primarily because of what they know, but rather because of what they do. Their paradigms, one way or another, have been aligned with the results they desired. It’s their paradigms that are producing the results.
  • When you focus on the paradigm, helping you to understand why you’re doing what you’re doing, everything will start to change.

With very little effort on your part, you can multiply your effectiveness. You see, you’ve already taken the time to get an understanding of how to do what you do more effectively. Now all you have to do is override that old paradigm and watch your effectiveness skyrocket. However, you must keep in mind how powerful paradigms are. They have the tendency to talk you out of doing the very thing that you decide to do.

Persistence will be needed to make this shift happen and to get the results you are seeking.

Education does not mean teaching people what they do not know. It means teaching them to behave as they do not behave.


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