You’ve heard us talk about Paradigms and how they control your behaviour.

2017 is well underway! This is the year of change! There is a big shift taking place and you can make your move and start living life the way you want.

Now, as soon as you read that, something inside you might stir and say, “Ya I’m ready” and then another part of you is going to come up with excuses and alibis as to why you can’t or shouldn’t.

“To ignore the power of paradigms to influence your judgement is to put yourself at significant risk when exploring the future. To be able to shape your future you have to be ready and able to change your paradigm.”
Joel Barker, Author of the book PARADIGMS

Paradigm is a term used to describe all of the beliefs you have and all the knowledge you have gathered. This information, or the paradigm, is then expressed in behavioural patterns producing the results a person gets in life.

the law of attractionYour paradigm controls your logic. Whenever you think about something you want to do, you run it through your logical mind and then your paradigm gives you all the reasons you can’t do it.

When you understand paradigms, you will see how it has you stuck in a box beyond which you cannot see without stopping to take a look at what’s really holding you back.

Unfortunately, the paradigm has such an enormous influence over how you think, if and when you use your imagination, you will generally unconsciously use it in a negative manner against yourself. Your paradigm controls the way you see things. An individual will create an image in their mind where they see the conditions and circumstance as the dominant role and they become subservient to them.

Paradigms are either positive or negative and are expressed in either positive or negative results. If a person experiences recurring negative results, it is important that they understand the cause of the problem does not lie with the circumstances or conditions outside of them, the cause is within—it lies with their paradigm. Becoming aware of paradigms and their limiting ability is not going to change your situation, unfortunately. You need to create a new paradigm.

This takes us back to the point that a paradigm is a multitude of habits. Some of these habits are good, which produce wanted results or results that you enjoy. It is the habits that form the negative aspect in the paradigm that requires changing.

Realizing your paradigm is a multitude of habits and habits require a considerable amount of attention and discipline before they are changed, the question then becomes which habit should we work on and how do we change it?

Begin by identifying the results that you want to improve in your life. Understand that results are the manifestation of an image held in your subconscious mind. It is a part of your perception of what you are capable of achieving or accomplishing.
Improving habits and changing paradigms will have an effect on all areas of your life, not just your work life.

Here are 3 questions you should ask yourself:

  1. What are the negative habits I have that are getting in the way of achieving my goals?
  2. What habits do I need to create in order to hit my goals?
  3. What does my paradigm tell me about my ability to hit my goals?
Grab a pen and a sheet of paper and take 15 minutes right now to answer these questions. Don’t put it off until later. Procrastination is one of the nasty habits we need to change in order to hit our goals.

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