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An Online Course To Break Free From Your Past And Create A Bright Future.

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“Before I was born, I was set up for abuse.” So begins the story of Doug Dane, who suffered years of physical and sexual abuse that left him broken, scarred, and unable to form healthy relationships. At the age of thirty-five, headed for a second divorce in four years, Doug realized that he was living like a rat trapped in a maze—anxious, desperate, making the same wrong turns over and over again in a futile search for peace. That moment was the catalyst for beginning a journey to freedom, a journey that would take him through years of self-discovery through which he found the simple truth: You are not who other people say you are. You are free to form your own identity, free from the guilt and shame of the past. You are worthy of more! Doug felt there had to be a better way. He spent years trying to find it but discovered the better way wasn’t that hard and it didn’t have to take so long. Mistaken Identity is a pathway to personal freedom that can happen fast if you’ll let it. Here you will find: - 30 simple life lessons that begin your journey to breaking free. - Affirming truths that liberate you from guilt and shame. - Easy, practical steps you can take right now to let go of your past and begin feeling better about yourself. Take the advice given here. Experience the transformation that is waiting for you.



Mistaken Identity by Doug Dane

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