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Rise Above Your Past And Discover Your True Self With "Mistaken Identity"

My book shows you how to get rid of this false self-image you adopted from your past so that you enjoy life more.

1. Simple action steps to implement each day.

2. Start thinking for yourself

3. Wake up being more happy

Mistaken Identity helps you:​

  • Understand the roots of your conditioned self-image

  • How to strip away layers of societal and familial conditioning

  • Discover strategies to reveal your true self and embrace your uniqueness

Start Peeling Back the Layers with "Mistaken Identity"

It's not okay that you have to constantly doubt and question yourself, leading to a struggle in various aspects of life.

  • Physical health

  • Mental health

  • Relationships and social connections

  • Career and financial stability

  • Spirituality

It's unfair you've inherited a false image of yourself. 

Experience the Transformation

1. Break free from societal and familial conditioning

2. Learn to tackle feelings of unworthiness and self-doubt

3. Reclaim your true identity and live authentically

A Mistaken Identity is a self-image distorted by past trauma and negative experiences. It's not your true self, but a reflection tarnished by hardship and pain. You are not defined by your past or this mistaken perception.

What Is a Mistaken Identity?

Mistaken Identity Book WIth Happy Poeple.

My childhood was filled with violence and abuse. I really struggled as an adult. Guilt, shame, and self-loathing were my companions. But I refused to let my past control me. I finally figured out how to let go of all of it fast and I want to show you how I did it so you can do the same. - Doug Dane

The Origin of My 'Mistaken Identity

As a business owner, employing and managing other people is a real privilege and responsibility I've never taken lightly. Personal and professional development has always been a priority and this book has been a great guide to work through my own childhood hurts so I can continue to be a better leader. Simon


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Highly recommend this read - it’s like a workbook that “works on you” as you navigate the pages, short exercises, and reflections/meditations. Buying more copies as gifts for my kids and friends. Happy healing and growing to all :)

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This book will change the way you perceive your experiences, how you look at yourself and others. A manual to help you let go of what’s holding you back to your own freedom. It’s been a game changer and life saver.


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This book can change the trajectory of your life. Doug nails it with his step by step process to help you move your life forward, regardless of where you are coming from!

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I love this book. It is super straightforward and impactful. There is no fluff, no BS. If you want a field guide to heal and be who you were/are supposed to be really, this is it!

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Your book has become like an honest friend to me. It understands me; it makes me cry, smile, feel humble, feel proud, reflect on myself, and think of others. We're all on different journeys, and my new 'paper' friend speaks to me differently than it does to other people. Isn't that the beauty of a good book? - Ruth

Ruth L

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See the Impact 'Mistaken Identity' Has Made

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I want to help you break free from your emotional prison.

My name is Doug Dane, and I was once a prisoner of a distorted self-image. I know the pain of living a life that isn't truly yours. It's unjust, and it's plain wrong. This is why I wrote 'Mistaken Identity.' I want to help you break free from this mental and emotional prison, reclaim your unique identity, and live life on your own terms.



Mistaken Identity by Doug Dane

Open The Book


Join 100's Of Others Who've Reclaim Their True Self

30 life-changing lessons to help you break free from your past

80+ hard-hitting questions to find Your True Identity.

Easy, practical steps you can take right now to let go of your past and begin feeling better about yourself.

© 2023 by Doug Dane. 

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