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I firmly believe that you have everything you need to achieve more than you may think is possible right now. That you can experience a true turning point in your life and can break through the things you think may be holding you back. It all starts with the decision to start.

Magic in Your Mind will help you identify what is there for you and how you can begin the incredible journey of self-transformation. These materials have been created to help everyone, both young and old identify what has been holding them back and make real, deep transformations in their lives. This paired with my guidance will allow you to transform faster than you ever thought possible. When you join Magic In Your Mind, you are exposed to life-altering training and shown how to apply each lesson for increased success and fulfillment.  I will warn you, however, working in any capacity with me is no walk in the park. It takes commitment, willingness to get real, and the desire to truly change your life for the better.

I have spent the better half of my life working through my own traumas, sharing my story, and showing up authentically for my clients and colleagues. It is from programs like Magic In Your Mind that both myself, alongside thousands of others, have experienced monumental, positive changes in their lives and have helped others do the same. 


If you are ready for your turning point, it's time to get started. The best decision you can make is to not waste another moment, continuing to do what isn't working. 

Curious about what

Magic In Your Mind entails?

Let’s Break This Down

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What's the key to creating thoughts that will produce the success you want?

Developing your higher mental faculties

-the Magic In Your Mind

Why wait any longer to master the skills needed for incredible growth & success?


When Working with Doug YOU’LL DISCOVER HOW TO:


  • Move beyond mere mental activity to real thinking.

  • Originate thoughts that vibrate in harmony with whom you want to be, do, and have.

  • Consciously use your imagination to purposely bring your goals to life and create your future that looks exactly the way you want it to look.

  • Project forward and create memories of a future event that is beyond the point where your wish has come true.

  • Transform any challenge by changing your perception of the situation.

  • Transform your hopes and wishes for what you MIGHT have into expectations of what you WILL have.

  • And much more!

I intentionally developed my youth program, Magic In Your Mind for youths because I know that they too can benefit greatly from these teachings and my guidance. In fact, I believe that this framework, and by working with me, I can have a drastic, positive impact on children at any age. It is time we stop waiting until we are adults to positively change our minds and our lives. When joining this program with me, participants will not only get access to the Magic In Your Mind framework but also will be invited to join me on a live coaching call once a week. This is your time to get on the spot coaching, clarification, and implementation of the lessons. 

While I can not change your mind for you, only you can do that. I am here to support and guide you along the way. You do not have to do this alone!

IS Magic in Your Mind RIGHT FOR YOU?

The materials found in Magic In Your Mind paired with the guidance of Doug is perfect for anyone who has struggled with achieving their goals and deliberately creating the life they want. 

I truly believe that I am a good fit for you and that I can help you if you’ve ever thought or said anything like:

“I want to go after my dreams, but don’t know where to start.”
“I need more money to get the things I want, but I have no idea how to get it.”
“I want to be happier, healthier, and enjoy peace of mind.”
“I struggle with really believing I can accomplish my goals and dreams.”


One of the greatest things about Magic In Your Mind is that it shows both parents and their children how ANYONE can experience miraculous moments and create lasting success by developing their higher faculties.

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