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Livestream: How to Handle Objections and Love Them! 

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 Increase Your Sales


Handle Objections Easily

Boost Your Confidence


The Secret to Handling Objections is Understanding Them.

We know you want to become the top salesperson everyone’s talking about. In order to do that you want to become more confident in closing. The problem is you’re not real comfortable with objections, your clients are noticing and you’re losing sales because of it.


During this free 1 hour Livestream, Doug Dane will explain the basis for all objections and a 4 point formula for handling any objection.


Learn what the top 1% know that you need to know!


Doug Dane is an expert on selling and he’s taught thousands of people how to sell more and earn more.


If you’ve ever lost a deal, and not known why, or tanked on a sales presentation, this free class is for you. This will change your mindset on selling, forever.


Doug will show you how you can become more confident with objections and become the top salesperson everyone’s talking about. That way you can sell more and avoid commissions from slipping through your fingers.

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