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Helping Entrepreneurs Quickly Regain Their Lost Potential

Become a member of Doug's inner circle and accelerate your awareness and mindset to become the confident entrepreneur everyone is talking about.

14 day $1 trial*

Over 1.8K members.

Confident Businesswoman

Leverage 30+ years of expertise

Learn how your mind works

Utilize opportunities that come your way

Ditch The Shelf Help and Get Real Help!

Start earning what you want to be earning, and start being who you want to be. Save time and money searching for the answers you need. 

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Shelf-help keeps you in your head causing you to miss opportunities that could grow your business.

Doug's Inner Circle

Most mentors don't talk to their clients. Doug does. Doug wants to help you create the life you want, and Doug's Inner Circle is a great place to start. 


Connect with other entrepreneurs in virtual networking sessions

Growth Challenges

A 30-day habit formation period.

Loads of tips/tools and recorded content

Mini courses and access to TIR lesson 1: Goals 

Expert guest speakers

Get exposed to entrepreneurs and hear how to think like an entrepreneur.

Study with Doug

Review certified books without any bullsh*t

Hot Seat coaching and mastermind

Hot seats are a way to confront your limits and discover the things about yourself that need to be improved. 1 on 1. 

Insight of the Day

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Ask Doug Helpdesk

Messenger audio room - Daily

Your Plan to Start Regaining your Potential.



Join my Inner circle


Hop on my next live class


Set up a 15 minute call with our team

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"The day I started with Doug Dane coaching was the day my life changed towards a better trajectory than I could have even imagined. Starting with Doug Dane coaching is the best decision you will make not just for your career or business but for your life as a whole."


"My biggest win since being in this group is when I made the decision to go forth with starting a Go Fund Me for my podcast. 

I am so happy and excited and improve with every episode. I have over 100 episodes recorded."

Martha Adams

Chris Swiech

Life’s too short for second-guessing.


Doug gets it!  He went from poverty and abuse to abundance and freedom. Doug has a simple step-by-step formula that anyone can follow.


Doug Cares about your success

He's an authority with real results

He has taught thousands of people

Join Doug's Inner Circle.


14-day $1 trial 
Live Access To Doug Dane Mentoring & Coaching

after trial, $29.95/m no obligation

  • Do I get access to Doug Dane?
    Yes! Doug is online in the group all of the time. He also has a team of alumni clients that help mentor and support clients.
  • Are the calls recorded?
    All of the live calls Doug hosts are broadcast into the group so you can access them anytime.
  • What if I’d like Doug to mentor me personally?
    If you want to work with Doug and be mentored by him, he insists you study, learn and apply key principles. Doug uses the courses and programs through the Proctor Gallagher Institute to mentor and coach his clients.
  • Are there career opportunities?
    We are always looking for people who want to learn to mentor and coach people. You can begin as an apprentice under Doug Dane and work with him closely. For more information click here and send us a message.
  • What happens after the 14 day trial is over?
    Stay on as a member and you’ll be charged $37, which will auto-renew each month.
  • What if I want to cancel my membership?
    No problem! You can cancel any time. Just notify us that you want to cancel and you won’t be charged any more.
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