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"The day I started with Doug Dane coaching was the day my life changed towards a better trajectory than I could have even imagined. Starting with Doug Dane coaching is the best decision you will make not just for your career or business but for your life as a whole."


"My biggest win since being in this group is when I made the decision to go forth with starting a Go Fund Me for my podcast. 

I am so happy and excited and improve with every episode. I have almost 10 episodes recorded."

Martha Adams

Chris Swiech


Boost your Self Confidence!

Your confidence will improve quickly and you’ll start doing what you want to be doing.


Become An Amazing Goal Achiever

The science to achieving goals is misunderstood. You’ll get clear on your goals and go after them.


Create A Solid Prosperity Mindset

If you want to earn more you need to think a certain way. Create a new mindset to live a better life.

Manifest the Life You Want


The art of manifesting comes down to what you think about. Reset your mind. Reset your life.


Start Doing What You Want to be Doing

Your Knowing/Gap is controlling you. Learn to reprogram your built in GPS to do what you want.

Better your Relationships


Your attitude towards others must change. When you change the way you see others, they change.

$29.95 you get all this

Live access to Doug Dane for coaching and mentoring

Live Interviews with specials guests of Doug

Weekly Email Tips

Personal development challenges to stretch your growth

Online Networking - Promote yourself and meet others that can help you

Loads of FREE content and tools and much, much more!

Study with Doug - Learn what he’s reading and learning

Goal setting sessions - Create amazing goals that excite you.

Live online classes to help you…

  • Develop a winning self-image!

  • Start selling more and how to sell yourself.

  • Ask Doug - Q&A sessions to get real help!

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I love how you are always available to support others and impart your knowledge. My biggest win is making decisions- I have decided what I want and am going for it. 


Thank you Doug!

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I like the continuous support and encouragement to never give up on what you really want. My biggest win is how much I’ve learned about who I really am  

and how I’ve shifted my mindset to be the best version of myself.

Mary Gilroy

Nellie Kroecker




14-day $1 trial 
Live Access To Doug Dane Mentoring & Coaching

after trial, $29.95/m no obligation

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