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Become the leader
in your field & life

Personal and professional coaching to fuel a successful life. 


Earn More money


Be more Confident


Live the way you want


Become Successful Doesn't Need to be Hard!

Worrying about your future isn’t fun. It’s wrong that  you aren’t able to live the life you want.

Get real advice that works with a step by step plan to take charge of your life.  

Worrying about money is no way to live. Mentoring with Doug Dane shows you how to earn more, so you can stop worrying and start living the way you want.

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Life’s too short for second guessing.

Doug gets it!  He went from poverty and abuse to abundance and freedom. Doug has a simple step-by-step formula that anyone can follow.


Doug Cares about your success

He's an authority with real results

He has taught thousands of people

Here’s the plan
for your personal freedom. 

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Get Access

I’ll figure out your blind spots and what’s getting in your way.

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Get clear about your goals and pick a course that helps you get there.

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Stick to what doug tells you and you will start to feel like a true leader that people will look to for guidance.

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Coaching From Doug Dane

Most people are frustrated because they can’t afford to live the life they want and they don’t know what’s getting in their way. Doug’s/My coaching reveals your blind spots and I/he give(s) you a step by step plan that makes your life easier and the freedom to enjoy it.

Holding a Book

Download my free guide:
Blue Print for Success

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