Congratulations on taking the first steps to living the life you really want.
You are embarking on an amazing program of self development.

Doug Dane is here to help you discover and develop your riches.

Doug has spent over 25 years coaching people to improve their results. He is the International Sales Director for Bob Proctor and the Proctor Gallagher Institute. Doug teaches businesses and individuals how to multiply their results.

Doug has over 27 years business experience starting as a self-employed commission salesperson, then working for large corporations in senior management to a successful business owner and entrepreneur. In 1989 Doug entered the mortgage industry and by the 2nd year he was at the top of his field applying the principles he now teaches. Today he is still applying the secrets to goal achievement and teaching others how to “Think” so they can achieve their goals.

“There is an exact science to goal achievement and all you have to do is understand the science and you’re whole world will change, mine sure did.” – Doug Dane

He teaches individuals what’s getting in the way to achieving big results using the teachings from You Were Born Rich, Doug will help you to stay focused, give you the insights and tools that you will need to continue on your path to live the life you really want!
According to Doug, the secret to achieving big results is to change the way you think.

“If you change your mind, you can change your results; if you change your mind you’ll change your life.”


“You Were Born Rich”

“Doug Dane is fervent, gracious, warm and a wonderful listener. Doug has talked me through a few problems which were an obstacle and a challenge in my life. Doug has a gift which allows him to understand many different types of people and relate to multitude of story lines.”
– Saira

“Doug’s knowledge and experience resonates well with many different personalities to engage positive life altering change.”
– Kevin, Thinking Into Results client

“Doug Dane’s presentation was truly a learning experience for me. It was one thing to read about his story in a newspaper, but when he actually stood in front of me and presented to me his story in his very own words, they became much more powerful.”
– Sandra Golford

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