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What people are saying about Doug Dane

“Doug’s knowledge and experience resonates well with many different personalities to engage positive life altering change.”
– Kevin, Thinking Into Results Client

“Doug Dane is fervent, gracious, warm and a wonderful listener. Doug has talked me through a few problems which were an obstacle and a challenge in my life. Doug has a gift which allows him to understand many different types of people and relate to multitude of story lines.”
– Saira

“Right from the start, Douglas Dane impressed us with his dedication and versatility. Although we are a smaller group, Douglas still took the time to give us an engaging and professional presentation. His motivational speech was just what our club needed to help us get through the exam season.”
– Brett Chomiak, Secretary, Rotaract Club of Guelph

“Doug Dane’s presentation was truly a learning experience for me. It was one thing to read about his story in a newspaper, but when he actually stood in front of me and presented to me his story in his very own words, they became much more powerful.”
– Sandra Golford

“I have been besieged all day by individual staff and students who praised your presentation and even expressed to me how much it meant to them personally.”

“I thought it was a very good presentation. It reminds us that all is not what it seems on the surface and that many kids are carrying burdens that we can’t even imagine.”

“He’s one of the best speakers I’ve ever heard.”

Are you Ready?

“My daughter struggles with a learning disability which in turn manifests itself in fear, lack of confidence, and a whole lot of “I’m not good enough”. She was afraid she was going to fail an exam and Doug taught her how to build a goal of what she wanted to achieve. After the discussion, I have never seen our daughter so focused on studying. She was laser-focused on her goal. She passed and achieved a 62 on the exam. Doug Dane is not only great with adults, but he is also very good with kids. He teaches principles and, timeless truths. Things that we know but don’t always practice. I would highly recommend Doug!”
– Cal

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