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Stop trying to do everything yourself. It’s time to give your team the tools and systems needed to THRIVE (even when you’re not in the office).

Ready to Transform Your Professional Life and Achieve Real Success?


JUNE 17TH, 11:00 AM ET


of participants see an Increase in aligning with their desired life.


of particpants created a new set of standards to live by.

A Proven System For Success


of participants see an Increase in aligning with their true self.


of particpants created a new set of standards to live by.

A Proven System For Success:


of participants see an Increase in aligning with their true self.


of particpants created a new set of standards to live by.

A Proven System For Success:

Why Do So Many People Live Lives They Don't Want To Live?

The real problem lies in your past. It's impacting your ability to think and act earnestly. In our '45 Days to an Upgraded Life', we help people like you reclaim their lives and overcome the feeling of being stuck!

Doug Dane is an exceptional mentor to guide you because he has been where you are. You're looking for answers about yourself but don't know where to start. With Doug's deep cognitive understanding of how the mind can heal and transform the narratives we tell ourselves, he has created a 45-day coaching program where you will begin the process of discovering what you really want in life and pursuing it.

Book a call to have an introductory meeting to see if it's the right thing for you. Talk soon!

  1. Break free from self-sabotaging behavior and negative self-talk.

  2. Let go of shame, guilt, and judgment.

  3. Enhance your self-confidence and ability to make decisions quickly.

  4. Plus, join an active community of action-takers who are committed to their new life.

By The End Of This Program You Will...

1. Book a call.

3. Meet with Doug to see if you're ready. 

2. Complete your self-image audit.

Join The Program in 3 Simple Steps.

This experience has given me my life back, and I now have hope, calm, and an immense sense of joy about life.

This was the missing piece for me, and I believe it will be for many millions of people all over the world.''

Karen M

45-Day Program Graduate.

"If you want to change the way you look at yourself, be more at peace with yourself and become your own best friend, then this is really the program for you."

Jolanda S

45-Day Program Student.

Create A New Empowering Identity

Through our transformative experience, you will create a new empowering identity that aligns with your true desires and goals. Let go of old patterns and embrace a new way of being that supports your growth and success.

Break Free From Limiting Beliefs

Our 45-day program helps you identify and break free from the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from living your best life. Experience a powerful shift in your mindset and unleash your true potential.

Upgrade All Areas Of Your Life

By going through our 45-day program, you will upgrade not only your mindset but also all areas of your life. Experience positive changes in your relationships, career, health, and overall well-being.

The Benefits Are World Changing

You're not where you want to be because you see yourself with a mistaken perspective. We must question this view to help you change.

Then, you'll find more chances for money and happiness in your relationships.

Imagine Living A Life That's Unmistakably Yours.

✔ A Career That Fits You.

✔ Better Health

✔ A Sense of Purpose

✔ Stronger Relationships

✔ Live A Life Your Proud Of

That's the type of life you'll have after this program.

Hey! I'm Doug Dane Nice to Meet You!

I know you want to lead a life that you're truly proud of. To achieve this, you need to take control of your thinking and break free from past burdens. I know this challenge well, having overcome my own past of abuse and trauma. These experiences didn't hold me back; they gave me the strength to chase my dreams. Now I have the desire to guide you through the same transformation:

Here's our approach:

  • Learn: We start by understanding your past. It’s not about dwelling on it, but recognizing its impact on your thoughts.

  • Unlearn: We then identify and discard harmful habits and thought patterns, clearing the way for change.

  • Relearn: Finally, we adopt healthier ways of thinking and acting, realigning your mindset with the life you want.

Together, we can shift from old narratives to a future that truly reflects who you are. Your past doesn't define you. It's time to redefine your journey and intentionally create a life you're proud of. 

I hope you can join us!



How is the program structured?

Daily Zoom calls (Monday - Friday 10 am - 11:30 am ET), private 1-1 goal setting, and progress assessments, group support, and 4 monthly alumni support calls.

What results can I expect from this program?

You'll start creating a life that fits you, not someone else’s idea of what your life should be. 

Join our info session to hear from Doug!

How much time should I dedicate daily to get the most out of this program?

Join us live or catch the replay daily.

Do I get to interact with Doug Dane directly?

Yes! During the 45 days, Doug is your mentor! You'll receive 3 private 1-1 sessions where you can ask questions and get real-time answers from Doug.

What if I have a question that you haven’t covered?

No problem! Let’s chat — send us an email at

You're not becoming someone new;
you're becoming more of your True Self.

Group Size: 20 people.

45 days of group coaching


Three 1-1 progress calls with Doug Dane

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