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Doug Dane Coaching


Is it time to finally switch things up in your life?

Well, I've got the answer you're looking for!

Imagine transforming your life, not in years, but in just 6 power-packed weeks with guidance from the best of the best.

Doug Dane, a top protégé of one of the development industry's legends, Bob Proctor, has helped thousands of people just like you experience rapid, unavoidable transformation.

In this program, from Monday to Friday, for six weeks, you'll be under Doug's expert guidance to upgrade your life. Think about seeing someone in 6 weeks – they won't even recognize you. That's the power of this transformation.

Don't let another day pass in the same old routine. Watch This Info Session to discover how this program can be the answer you've been searching for. Your future self will thank you.

When your done, Send An Email To Doug get the next steps to joining the program. Your journey to a new you starts here!

45 Days To An Upgraded Life Info Session

Book A Call With Doug Below.

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