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Traditional mental health care and self-help often fails to address the immediate and practical needs of individuals dealing with real-world struggles.

My mission is to empower individuals who have been impacted by abuse or trauma to break free from the emotional prison and mental health constraints that hold them back. I strive to provide them with the tools and guidance to rewrite their story, overcome their past, and live a truly fulfilling life. As an advocate for survivors, my goal is to help them let go of their past traumas and move forward as a victor, rather than a victim.

Break the generational cycle for parents

By breaking patterns of negative behavior or trauma that may have been passed down from previous generations, you can help your family thrive. Don't let the past define your family's future. Take control and start building a brighter tomorrow for your loved ones today.

Help young people take the path less traveled

My vision is to empower each and every young person to confidently chart their own course, discover their passions and reach their full potential. 

Change the message of self-help industry influencers

Changing the message of self-help industry influencers can help to promote a more inclusive, accurate and ethical message that encourages individuals to understand themselves better, set realistic goals and achieve them in a healthy and sustainable way. 

You 2.0 - Upgrade Your Life! 

A 3-day workshop to rebuild your confidence and build a better life. 

June 2nd- 4th, every day at 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM EDT

Are you struggling to find meaning, purpose, and self-acceptance?

  • You stay stuck in the comfort zone.

  • Your career stalls and you feel like a failure

  • You're afraid to take risks and bet on yourself.

Life goes by fast and staying in your comfort zone is easy. It’s frustrating when you know there’s more to life and you’re here for a purpose.

If you keep sabotaging your success you’ll regret it and one day you’ll wake up and realize, it may be too late to change.

Make no mistake, you’re worth much more and you deserve a better life.

Change starts with this 3-day workshop where you’ll reframe your attitude towards yourself and rebuild your confidence to enjoy life more.

Stop Coping and Start Thriving! 

Upgrade Your Life In This 3 Day Workshop

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This workshop is held in My Mentoring Centre when you purchase a 1-year subscription.

Get 3 simple steps to be more confident.

You can rebuild your confidence over three days from June 2nd to June 4th by adopting a new attitude towards yourself.

Start upgrading your life

Make no mistake, you’re worth much more and you deserve a better life.

I know you want to be more confident and stop doubting yourself so you can enjoy life more. You want to be a success in your career so you can live a better life. The problem is, you second-guess yourself and you sabotage your success. It’s frustrating and you worry about your future.


Nobody should struggle as they do. I know what it feels like when you’re struggling and you don’t feel confident. I suffered a lot when I was young and I never felt really confident. 

But then I learned why and I was able to turn my life around where I enjoy an abundant life.


Enrol in my 3-day workshop and get my plan to be more confident so you can start upgrading your life. 

You’ll go from coping to thriving and enjoying life more. Otherwise, you’ll stay stuck and life will keep passing you by.


This might be the wake-up call you need. 

3 Days To Transform Self-Doubt Into  Confidence & Success.

Live Life On Your Terms 

Take More Risks 

Be More Confident 

During these 3 days you will learn, unlearn, and relearn.

Day 1 - Learn why you sabotage your success.

  • Your lack of confidence is not your fault.

  • Self-sabotage is a learned behavior.

  • Anxiety and frustration can be turned off.

Day 3 - Relearn simple rules to live by so you can enjoy life more.

  • Learn what really works to get unstuck.

  • Free your mind of worry and doubt.

  • Take control of your life so you can enjoy life more.

Day 2 - Unlearn the habits and beliefs that keep you stuck.

  • Let go of habits that don’t serve you.

  • Stop trying to fix yourself and simply be yourself.

  • Break free of conformity and fear of criticism.

BONUS: This 3-day course will be available for replay.

After this workshop, you’ll feel better about yourself so you can do better in life.


Will there be a replay of the event?

The workshop will be available to view within one-two business days inside MyMentoringCentre for yearly members. Sign up 

What time does the class start? How long will it last?

This class starts at 11am EDT and ends at 12pm EDT on June 2nd - June 4th

What if I have a question that you haven’t covered?

No problem! Let’s chat — send us an email at

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