Understanding the science behind goal setting

goal setting

In our seminars we teach the importance of setting the right kind of goals and understanding the science behind goal achievement.

There are 3 reasons salespeople don’t hit their goals.

The first reason is, they don’t understand the correct definition of a goal and the true purpose of a goal so they don’t set the right kind of goals.

The definition of a goal is going after something you’ve never done before and the true purpose of a goal is to cause you to grow inside. The kind of goal you need is one that excites you and scares you at the same time. We call that a “C Type” goal. It’s something you REALLY want! You may have no idea how to do it but the fun is finding out how to do it.

If you know how to reach your goal, the goal is not going to do for you what goals are designed to do.

The second reason people don’t hit their goals is they don’t understand the principles to goal achievement. Wallace Wattles said, “There is a science of getting rich”. Before you sit down to set goals you need to understand the science. See, goal setting is a logical process where you sit down with a pen and paper and write out what you want. Goal achievement is a scientific process, so when you set goals you need to understand the science so your goals are structured properly.

The third reason people don’t hit their goals is they don’t give their goals proper attention and so not long after setting your goal you might give up on it or decide you can’t do it. The key is you need become emotionally involved and you must really want what you’re going after. The other key is you MUST BELIEVE its going to happen. You don’t have to know how it will happen, you just have to know that it will!

When you start thinking about your goals, don’t let outside conditions or circumstances dictate how you will live. Refuse to let anything that’s going on outside of you stop you.

The truth is you can do anything you want. You have infinite potential and you have been blessed with intellectual factors like your imagination.

You have tremendous creative potential. Everything you see around you was once an idea that was conceived in the imagination. All images that originate in the imagination are referred to as fantasies. Flying airplanes was a fantasy at one time. So was the automobile and the internet. To exercise your creative faculty (your imagination) you begin by building a fantasy. You mentally begin to play with that fantasy until you start to take it seriously. Then you flip from using your imagination to using your reasoning factor, another one of your intellectual faculties, and you start to build the idea more clearly. This is where the image turns into a theory in your conscious mind.

Now before the theory can become a goal, you must ask yourself two questions.

The first question is…

“Am I able to do this?” When you take into consideration that the only two sources of reference we have to go to, science and theology, with respect to human potential both clearly indicate that your potential is infinite, the answer to the first question must be an emphatic yes.

The second question is quite different…

goal settingIt is, “Am I willing—Am I willing to do whatever is required to cause the image in my mind to manifest in physical form in my life?”  When your answer to that question is yes, your theory immediately becomes a goal, and when you turn your goal over to the universal subconscious mind, the laws of the universe kick in and the first law—perpetual transmutation of energy—takes over and your goal begins to move into physical form, with and through you. It causes your behaviour to change and at the same time begins to attract to you all those things required for the manifestation of your image. Before long, your theory becomes fact.

Therein covers the three stages of creation—Fantasy, Theory and Fact. This is how everything has been accomplished.

When you understand the science behind goal achievement you can apply it and put it into action.

The reason salespeople don’t hit their goals is:
  1. They don’t know how to set the proper type of goal
  2. They don’t understand the science.
  3. They don’t know how to convert their goal from a fantasy to a fact.

Individuals without a goal are lost. They have no compass. You’ve got to wake up in the morning and get excited,

“I’m working towards my goal!”

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